A little more about my resolutions

A little about myself to get things started and explain a few of my resolutions a bit. Nothing too serious, naturally. I got a lot of flak from my girlfriend and family for the salad resolution. I’ve been told – and I willingly concede – is that one salad a week won’t make any real difference for my health. And this is probably true. One salad a week will not make any real difference in the quality of my diet. But I’m not looking at it as a way to improve my diet directly, just as a step in the right direction. Healthy eating is an acquired taste. I have to start somewhere.

I spontaneously bought bread and fruit as a meal the other day. I dare say it is working.

Oh, and it’s achievable. So that’s good too. Speaking of achievable, yes, I know $1000 is a paltry sum. I’ll say in my defense that I am only a college freshman. But still, I set the bar low because it is achievable. I know I can manage that in a year. And yes, I will do my best to save more than that, as much as possible. I’ve been taking an interest in personal finance lately and am looking forward for ways to pay off a chunk of my student loans in three years when I graduate. Just to set myself up for the rest of my life a bit better.

More on that, but you’ll have to wait.


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