I’m not even going to mention my bank…

Well, I spoke to my advisory today. It went pretty well. I have sort of a plan nor next year which assumes I won’t really know what major I am till then either. Two gen eds, and one each English, philosophy, and fine arts. Sounds good to me. Now the only problem is that I have never been able to get even most of the classes I planned on getting. Ah, c’est la vie.

Besides that, nothing much important. I have been excited lately thinking about a photographic project I’ll probably be working on this summer. My girlfriend is close with the people in charge of a small gallery in Hartford, so if all goes well I should be able to present for them. It’s exciting. I’ll be sure to put the date here when it opens. Ah, optimism is great, huh?

I’ve been listening to a few people over and over again lately. The Avenue Q soundtrack is the longest running member of my playlist but it’s losing some favor. Regina Spektor has me hooked, as does Gym Class Heroes and Gwen Stefani’s “Sweet Escape”.

After today, Blue October might be joining that list.

As a closing, one of my favorite lines, from Spektor:

Here is how it works

It feels a little worse

Then when we drove the hearse

Right through that screaming crowd

Ha ha, I love it.


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