Okay, I probably deserved that…

A little anecdote so that I have something new up here.

I am sure most people have heard the jokes about the fast-food cashier who acts all snotty and smarter-then-thou but can’t make complicated change. I was thinking about it Saturday in New York with Hun and decided to see if I could trip someone up. The bill at Wendy’s was 10.75, and I had only twenties and ones, so I handed him a twenty and a one.

I should get ten dollars back, right? I got a handful of change and was quickly shuffled into the line to wait for my food. I stood stunned for a while. What?

I tried to explain that I had given him a twenty and a one, not a ten and a one, but he didn’t seem to care. I was pretty sure I was out ten dollars.

Luckily, Hun was on hand to explain the situation in Spanish. That worked.

The moral, even if you are right to expect a certain level of intelligence from cashiers, trying to confuse a cashier at a crowded downtown Wendy’s is asking for it.

All for now! Chao!

One Response to “Okay, I probably deserved that…”

  1. Moi Says:

    It was McDonald’s. Not Wendy’s. Ha ha.

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