Back on track for resolutions

Well, as promised, a little about my shitty week. Not much too it really, just a lot of work and not much time to do it. Photography project, two papers, extra reading, plus I was informed a day ahead of time of my course registration appointment, so I had to cram five hours of research into one day. But now my course are signed up for (mostly), my classes are set for the week, and I am off to New York to take a ton of pictures.

I am so excited about this weekend! My current project is called “Fabricated”, and we have to create images that are obviously staged. After a while spent worrying over it, I settled on going for an artsy, fashion style look, and so far I am very happy with the results. Probably shoot three or four rolls this weekend and hopefully get something good. ^^ Thank you Hun for posing! You too, Doug (my father).

In other news, I realized lately that I have been slacking on my new year’s resolutions. The worst is, naturally, the salad problem… I’m a good four weeks behind I think. But I can live with that.

As for the others, I am getting down to business again this weekend, starting with that resume. It should be pretty quick and it might be handy for my search for summer employment. Also getting worked on soon is my portfolio, which I am (for lack of an immediate better idea) shaping after the portfolio requirements for application to the School of Fine Arts at my university. I am considering applying next semester, but we will see. They are not making it easy on me. However, they do have a darkroom. Hmm.

Besides that, not much to say. I am writing from the Metro-North train into New York, so I will have to bite and claw my blog program into formatting this right. It reallllllly likes it if I write posts in the browser itself. Oh well.

Don’t forget to leave me a note if you come by!

Till later.


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