A little update

Well, I realized it’s been a while since I posted anything, and I have a free moment, so heres a little news. I got my resume just about set. A few things left to do and I am a little disappointed in my experience (uhg) but otherwise it looks good. It’s exciting too to think about being able to mark something off my list, even if it’s something that requires constant maintenance.

Otherwise, this week has just been busy, but pretty good. I have all my film developed for my current photography project (due tomorrow) and have been printing like crazy. I am so happy with these pictures. And on a related note, thanks to some very kind words and a little sagely advice, I think I am going to go for transfer to the school of fine arts this semester. That means my portfolio will have to be done by the middle of this month. So, a little freaked out, but it might just work. That said, still LOTS of red tape stuff to deal with before the end of the semester.

Also, I saw a pretty cool musical this weekend with Hun and Kathryn called Spring Awakening. I’d recomend it. I’ll try to write more about it soon.

Time for class!


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