On Money

I’ve been thinking lately about money for two reasons. First, the looming possibility that I may not have a descent job this summer (an interesting one, but not nearly so reliable as I’d hope) and because I might be spending a big chunk of it soon.

I want a Tablet. I will gladly admit that a large part of this is due to gadget lust. I’ve wanted one since before I had a need for it. But now I am working (freelance, this being the unreliable job) as a graphic designer, and I am planning on pursuing photography, both artistically and as a career (even better if both are the same thing). A tablet would be a tremendous help.

I think.

My problem is, a tablet of good, professional quality would eat up about a third of my assets. Put another way, I think it would rather easily cancel out the money I will make this summer. Maybe.

That said, I’m starting to feel like I am hording money. I like to think of saving money, investing, paying of a big chunk of college debt when I graduate, etc, but right now I also feel like I might be turning down a good opportunity.

A solid job, even part time, this summer would probably settle this. If not, I’ll just keep it in mind. Seems like a good time to try one of those “wait a month, if you still want it” strategies.



One Response to “On Money”

  1. Mari! Says:

    …Steal a tablet….Heh…

    I’ve actually been wanting one too, with all my doodles and shit…I think you should get one and let me binge…lol…just kidding. I still have your RBHS, and you still have my Fruits Basket…and we still needa chill…you have abandoned me Zakkun….

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