More Money

I am facing a little bit of a personal predicament. I currently have an account on Prosper, a wonderful site that I encourage people to participate in responsibly. It is possible to lose a lot of money if you are greedy and go for the very high risk (and admittedly high payoff) loans.

There, that little ad aside, my problem. I have about $400 wrapped up in Prosper. Given my resolution about saving, and it’s relatively small sum, $400 could be rather significant to whether i reach my goal or not. So my question is, do I count assets tied into an investment like Prosper from whence they may not return (on the far outside chance someone defaults – I went with safe loans) towards my goal or only liquid assets i could have in my hands tomorrow?

I will probably aim for my goal without the Prosper money and keep it in mind if needed. But if anyone has thoughts i’d be interested.


One Response to “More Money”

  1. Fat Man Says:

    Of course you count investments as assets. In the case of Prosper the asset is just not as liquid as it would be if you had the money in cash, but it still counts as an asset.

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