Resolution Update

School year is almost over (this Saturday) so I am taking a moment to reflect on my resolutions. There are some I’m doing very well on. Indeed, I’d almost say they’re done. They are:

Organize a working portfolio. I have done this. I had to for the change of major portfolio review. I can’t say that I am entirely satisfied with the portfolio and I will probably add to it. I would have to do that anyway depending on who wants to see it. I feel good about this anyway. Now just to see how well it served me in the review!

Keep and up-to-date resumee. I wrote two, one for normal work and one as an artist. The later isn’t very impressive. And keeping them up to date is significant. But I’d say it’s basically done, or at least as much so as the portfolio.

Save at least an additional $1000.  At the time I wrote that, I had about $1,000 in assets. Now I have about $1,400. Not shabby. I will also hopefully get a raise from my primary employment. I’m a web-designer!

Get into Columbia. I applied and did the best I could, so I will hold no grudges regardless of how it turns out. And I applied to the School of Fine Arts here. So it’s a two-fer.

Now, those I haven’t done so well with…

Organize writing collection. I haven’t been home long enough to, but it feels like a daunting project anyway. This summer it will be worked into a larger effort to streamline my room and my possessions.

Revive City of Shalom. Well… This is City of Shalom, so it’s hardly dead, but this wasn’t exactly all I had in mind. It will be on my to do list for summer as well.

Have at least one salad per week. Ha, uhm, lets not mention that one, shall we? Not eating at a dorm will help tremendously.

All for now! Back to my studies.


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