Shot in the Dark… Hit?

A while ago, out of a mixture of not wanting the standard soul-crushing summer job experience, I posted an ad on craiglist offering my services as a darkroom assistant in exchange for cash or darkroom access. (That last part might bite me in the butt… I’m so burnt out on the darkroom right now, although even experience (as a virtually unpaid intern) would be a great opportunity.

Well, that was a solid month ago, so I figured my shot in the dark (and honest description of my abilities) had thoroughly missed.

And then tonight, I come back from seeing a movie with my dad and there is a message sitting in my inbox.

Hi. Have you had any classes on lighting and sets yet? Can you tell me what you’ve already learned in your classes?

Thank you,


I am not crazy, I am not at all sure that I will be what she is looking for. I am still trying to compose a fair and honest response. But hell, I’m just impressed I got an answer.



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