Shot in the Dark: Update

Ah, the job opprotunity I posted about recently has sadly turned out to be less ideal then I hoped. Jennifer is, it seems, in about the same situation as I am, except she wants me to tutor her. In lighting design. Which I haven’t done, except with flashlights and desk lamps.

Sorry Jen!

That said, it was still exciting. Now, back to the old fashioned job hunt.

Besides that, my next big problem is cleaning my room, which really aught to be considered organizing my life. After the carpets were cleaned recently, everything I own was packed into my closet. Well, that or the boxes and suitcase I brought back from college. Which I am choosing to see as an opprotunity.

So, over the next, lets say, month, my goal is to complete the following.

  • Purge bookshelves
  • Purge clothes
  • Move desk and fix or move bed (er, sleeper sofa, anyway)
  • Box up everything I wont need until next fall
  • Organize writing collection
  • Sort remaining possestions into keep, sell, donate, trash
  • Sell or donate
  • Organize everything that is left
  • Maybe decorate or something… maybe

Impossible? I think not! Especially if the job search continues to go badly. Oh well, I have a few money-making things lined up, just nothing solid.

More as it comes!


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