Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted. This week has been a busy one; lots of cleaning and lots of running around. Had to go to New York to retrieve Moi (as my girlfriend has apparently become called here) on Friday and spent a lot of time with her Saturday too. It’s strange being so close again. I got very accustumed to having my time when we were aparent and having it be all about us when we were together. Now I think the tendency would be for us to be together a lot but almsot never alone. It’s a tendency I am… inclined to fight. Time will tell.

Waitlisted at Columbia! Again. Thanks guys. For an ivy league, you sure now how to make a white male feel appreciated. (Before anyone complains, I’m only kidding. I wouldn’t apply if I wasn’t fond of those nutty new yorkers.)

Nothing I would call progress on resolutions. I finally compiled the under/over budget and total balence info I have collected so far into a graph in excel. What have I learned? That, as expected, I have done a terrible job of keeping tabs on my spending. I knew this of course, but it was worse then I thought. The lines representing my total balence and the amount I have supposedly saved are actually converging.

Well, I got a check today (one of two late ones from workstudy) that was almsot to the penny what I spent on a mother’s day present. So today I feel even!

I am feeling pretty sleepy, and as this computer doesn’t check the spelling of blog posts, this is probably long and shoddy enough as it is. Will edit again in the morning. For now, goodnight!


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