Busy Day

And lots going on! Moi and I are working on setting up a garden according to the square foot gardening method I saw on Get Rich Slowly. With luck in a few months we’ll have some fresh veggies. Moi wants to plant carrots in really rich soil to see what it looks like when they fork. She’s silly.

On the subject of planting, my mom and I spent a little time at the nursery yesterday and today got most of our new plants situated. My tiny, sickly ficus from the bargain bin looks much happier in her new pot and mom’s little roses are cute as ever.  We still have a bunch of succulents to plant in a pot out front.

On the subject of succulents, today was sort of painful. I’ve had a little crop of Hen and Chickens on the deck for a few years. Last year I filled some empty pots we had with baby chicks, and while I was away at college they got as big as my fist. The first babies are emerging, so I guess they’re hens in their own right now. Sadly, the old crop (in one of those hemi-sphere hanging arrangements) had compeltely exhausted it’s soil and cluttered itself with old, dead hens. We baught a new hanger and I moved over as many as the healthiest ones as I could, but quite a few ended up not making it. They’re now destined to be the beginings of a new compost bin I am building. I keep telling myself it’s jsut like pruning, but it hurts to see the little guys left for dead. Moving them to the nearly empty garden out front remains an option. Everything I have seen so far tells me even being ripped from their dirt and plopped in a bucket overnight wont hurt them.

I think that is enough for now. Tomorrow, a little about resolutions and tricking myself into saving.



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