Finances and a Little Extra

As I sit in the glow of my laptop, stealing Moi’s internet, a little about my finances and the little surprise I had waiting for me today.

First, cash! I’ve seen lots of personal finance sites which recommend some form of the “find little ways to trick yourself into saving” method, whether it be in the form of rounding up the totals in your check book or just paying yourself daily/weekly/monthly. Well, I’d love to, but it’s difficult in light of me not having a checkbook and having altogether too much access to my savings. However, I heard from Moi about the method a friend of hers, Timm, uses. Every day, he stashes not only his pocket change but also his one dollar bills (because really, who likes those?) away in a jar. He did this all year at school and came out with about $180. This sounds good to me! Of course, the problem is that you don’t earn anything on this money while it sits, so I think I’ll only do it for pretty short periods of time. For example, my trial run is going through the end of summer. So we’ll see how that goes.

I also sent an e-mail trying to rally the troops to help rebuild City of Shalom. Uhm, yeah. Y’all are losers! Oh well, it’s a start on probably the hardest of my resolutions.

Now then, the wonderful surprise I had today. I walked out to my car this morning to find one of the windows utterly destroyed. So… Police report filed, insurance contacted, and the window will be repaired by noon Thursday if all goes well.

My corner of the couch is getting musty and hot with all the people looking over my shoulder, so I’ll go for now. Pictures and more about my car tomorrow. Goodnight!


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