Sparky and a Funny Story

Quickly, because it is silly and awesome: Apparently, yesterday someone somewhere accidently typed “dispicable” into Google and, before clicking “Did you mean: despicable?” saw my post with the same mispelling in the title (about Matt of Three Panel Soul) and clicked on. The internet is wonderful and mysterious.

Now then, as to my car, Sparky. As I said, the issue is nearly resolved. But some things about it are still bothering me.

My first instinct when I saw the problem was to come back inside and lock the door behind me. I’m no expert but the extent of the damage seemed too extreme to be natural causes. My mind went back to last night when a car had followed me home from the center of town. At the time, I dismissed it as a coincidence. It happens pretty often after all. But this morning it suddenly seemed sinister.

I called Moi first, mainly because I had been on my way to see her when I found it, but also because I could count on her to calm me down a bit. Then I called my mom, who I knew would be level headed about it (and who gave me the number for the police station), and finally my dad, who could contact the insurance company.

I filed a police report! It was a lot easier than I expected, honestly, and Bloomfield’s finest did a good job of handling it, especially considering that there really isn’t any recourse. Short of this being part of a crime spree, I didn’t expect them to be able to do anything. The officer added that he had seen this happen before due to temperature fluctuation.

The temperature solution made a lot more sense to me and I remembered hearing about it online so for a while I found that solution much more likely. The evidence (nothing stolen, doors unlocked anyway, and small window broken) didn’t add up to deliberate vandalism for me. I felt a little better.

Until I remembered that our development’s lawn care people had come by today. I’d say it’s pretty likely they did it, albeit accidentily. Still, there remains a question of whether they knew they did it. I wouldn’t put it past them to leave without any sort of note or apology. Still, I’ll admit that mowers kick out rocks at a pretty good clip – so maybe they didn’t know.

The thing that really bothers me isn’t that the window is broken or even that there may be someone responsible. Last night, the car that followed me home was pretty beat up and driven by a couple of black guys. Alone this doesn’t mean anything, but I always take a shortcut through a less-desirable part of town going to Moi’s, and my little Sparky and I get some strange looks. So today, even after the vandalism theory had left my mind, I admit I felt a little on edge going through my shortcut. It’s a feeling I am not proud of and look forward to leaving behind very soon.

Anyway, below are the pics (will be added ASAP, having laptop issues). It’s still a frightening thing to wake up to. I hope none of you has to go through the same experience!


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