Tomorrow, Moi and I will be building the garden boxes and planting the first plants. This is really important because the first plants are getting too big for their little starter bed we have inside. I’ll try to explain what we did better tomorrow.

For tonight, links!

First, this is pretty cool. The new Webb telescope certainly has a sci-fi chic thing going on. I’m mainly linking this for the Hubble deep-field hi-def image. Look at that for a while and tell me you don’t feel small.

Next, a pair of rap songs I am stuck on for… no reason, really. One and two. Sorta NSFW.

Also, I am currently reading the Omnivore’s Dilema, and will soon be on to The Collected Stories of Nikolai Gogol. Omnivore’s Dilema I got from my dad and compeltely recommend it, but I warn you, you wont look at your food again the same way. I see corn everwhere now. Gogol is also from my dad, who ordered it because we saw Namesake. I recommend the movie and suggest that, afterwards, you’ll want to order the book too.

We all come from Gogol’s Overcoat.

(By the way, who knew Kumar could act?)


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