The Garden Apporaches Completion

And just in time, since our lettuce is growing uncontrollably, the peas have outgrown their starter peat moss, and everything else is starting to peek through. There is still a little to be done, but nothing big. Affixing the 4×4’s that make up the bed to each other. Wrapping the compost bin in chicken wire. But everything is taking shape and my detractors are starting to come around. Of course, the big test will be the produce we get. I figure I’ve spent around $115 getting the garden together. I’m confident I’ll make that much back in food. Better yet, next year the cost should sit right around $15, the cost of seeds. It makes me  happy thinking about it.

Picture of the garden tomorrow. Unlike the car, which is trapped in raw format, these will be compressed and online.


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