Garden Update (and Bread)

Well, as things are planted the garden continues to change, but it is approaching something like a final layout. I think.

We will be planting the following:

  • 50 carrots.
  • 50 pea plants.
  • 50 green bunching onions.
  • 32 salad bowl lettuce plants.
  • 18  green bean plants.
  • 6 fennel plants.
  • 4 grape tomato plants.
  • 1 beefsteak tomato plant.
  • 1 parsley plant.

All of this in one 4ftx8ft garden, quite to the amazement of Moi’s mother. If the square-foot gardening system works as it should, we will be swimming in vegetables in a few months. The way the peas are growing, I fear they may soon make a move to conquer Holland.

Also of note! My mom and I rang in the memorial day weekend baking. Fresh, warm-out-of-the-oven banana bread is a wonderful thing. We also started the, well, starter for a sourdough bread recipe from no-impact man. You can find the article here, and I highly recommend it. The starter seems to have a few bubbles, but it also seems to be way to soon for that, so who knows what is going on. Playing God by mixing flour and water, I was asking for trouble.

I’ll let people know about that as things happen.  Enjoy the memorial day weekend and don’t work too hard!


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