Rotten: My Compost and Maybe my Brain

I am happy to report that my compost (probably helped along by the sun, but on into the night) is generating and retaining it’s own heat. This is a good sign, proof that the material is being broken down into usable soil for next planting season. Also, it’s is crazy bizarre to dig a little into a pile of grass clippings and weeds and find it to be steaming warm.

Also, the site was apparently visited by the author of Get Rich Slowly, a wonderful personal finance blog I read. How cool? And I found a few people had commented on or linked or done something to a few posts on technorati. I had no idea. I still don’t, since I honestly don’t use and haven’t followed up on those services. I think now I should, in case I’m missing an opportunity to say thanks for reading!

Now get some sleep!


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