Technology is Broken (and Bread)

Remember the promise of a paperless office? I’m not even twenty, but already it seems to far away.

Moi has been attempting to fix up a few old (read: four or five years, barely used) laptops for her aunt, and today hit a snag that seems to be permanent.  The problem is, she needs to load a few drivers onto them, but can’t, because in the span they have existed every single medium for data transfer has been changed. They have no USB plugs, no CD drive, no ethernet cord. And Moi’s modern computer has no floppy disk drive or serial port. So she is stuck in computer limbo. The cure to the laptops’ ills are sitting on her computer, but she has no way to administer the treatment.

This should ahrdly come as a shock. I have a pile of floppy disks sitting around with the first stories I ever wrote on them, and no way to access them because no microsoft program is that far backwards compatable.

I have to wonder how we got to this point. We have all the integrated networks we could want, but our technology changes so fast that still the only way to ensure you have a copy of your document tomorrow is to print it.

Hmm, progress.


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