Potpourri (Figuratively)

Well, lots going on suddenly. I got a job, at last, albeit a small affair involving lawn care. About $360 dollars by the end of the summer. Unfortunately (well, fortunately), I received an e-mail today saying I could most likely work at a local organic farm. Which would be awesome. So I need to contact George the Ogre tomorrow. If I can work there instead, I might be able to give Moi the mowing job, which would make me feel like less of a jerk.

Also, something sad… I went to a local farm which has a roadside stand, and most of the fresh vegetables are imported from big companies. At least it’s supporting a local company.

The garden is doing pretty well. The green beans are coming up, and how! They are already about the biggest plants we have. It is all very exciting.

I am halving the bread recipe until I can get it to come out right again. I have now tossed four loaves in the compost. But tomorrow I will try again.

And finally, my resolutions. I have been working on cleaning up my writing files. Man, hard work! They were a mess. Now then, was that actually related to my resolutions? I forget.

Such is life.


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