Temp Posts, Sour Doughs, and Cash

I want to take some time tomorrow to add to the post I had planned to put up tonight. I like the topic and I feel like it deserves a better shot then it got today.

In the meantime, here’s this: My sour dough starter crock is, as of about 3pm today, empty. I surrender to the forces of fate which desire me to never repeat the success of my fabled (and, unfortunately, quickly given away) first two loaves. However, I choose not to look at this as a failure, but a new beginning, wherein I am free to explore the world of quick breads. Look ma! No yeast!

You may, if you wish, choose to attribute my optimism today to having experienced something new recently I am not really familiar with. The contents of my wallet has grown, not through cashed checks or bank withdrawals but old-fashioned small, local transactions until it was tonight brimming with 100 bucks. With a $220 check from work on the way as well, I am pretty happy.


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