On Local Commerce (And One Man’s Trash)

In the past 24 hours, I’ve made two transactions through Craigslist. Well, longer, if you count the previous week’s sporadic e-mails. My point, though, is that today I am $60 richer, I am free of an old meat smoker no one here wanted, and have added significantly to my compost pile.

I suppose I’m in a local-grown mindset because I am still reading the Omnivore’s Dilemma, which is currently making a pretty strong case for buying local grown food. I keep noticing craigslist’s recommendation to “buy local,” with the intent that seeing and dealing with someone face to face makes it harder to get scammed (as well as being healthier). I have to say I like it.

Last night, a nice guy in a big pickup rolled in to collect the aforementioned meat smoker. He paid twenty bucks, and took the meat smoker (in need of love and sadly neglected), which he said he had been searching for on craigslist for quite a while. It was nice to not only have an e-mail, but to talk to the guy who was going to give my trash a new life. His friends swear he wont ever use it, and I hope he proves them wrong.

Today, I went to work for Christine and Bob, mowing and edging their lawn. Luckily for me, the grass clippings and leaf litter they were eager to get rid of were perfect for my compost pile. So, not only was I able to add to my wallet, but I was able to add to my garden’s fertility for next year. Bob and Christine got what they wanted, and I got what I wanted, both of us feeling like we got the better deal.

These two transactions have given me a great impression of the local commerce idea. I am more eager then ever to ensure that in the future more of my purchases are with local sources, face to face and within my community. And if more of those can be symbiotic (like my compost deal) I am all the happier for it.

So go buy something local! Or sell your trash to someone who thinks it is a treasure!


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