Heck Yeah

I just want to say a great big THANK YOU to the judge who threw Paris back in jail. I know there are some people (although I can’t think many) who agree with the sheriff and claim that her early release was standard for all criminals, but I don’t think she’s being treated unfairly. Even forty days of house arrest would still have been in her house. And the judge did nothing wrong in sending a cop to arrest her, considering she was two hours late to court.

I feel like she got what she deserved by her actions, and the fact that she broke down crying and calling to her mother when she couldn’t get her way just shows she is in need of some maturing.

Good luck in jail Paris! Or at least until you buy a way out again.


5 Responses to “Heck Yeah”

  1. Randomness Blog Says:

    FOR REAL!!!!

    I am so glad that she’s back in the clink. I jut hope a video pops up of her being dragged outta court screaming MOMMY!!!



  2. No One Says:

    very good lets people more because we don;t like them. A very sound legal system. Maybe next week we can decide that native Americans should spend more time in jail for the same crimes as others.

    Yes very good ideed

  3. Zack Says:

    Now now No One, I am not saying that she should be punished worse because I don’t like her. All though it is true that I don’t. I am only happy that the judge decided she needed to be punished the same as all other people facing the same charges with the same behavior. She drove drunk, then drove on a suspended license, and then drove with the license again. (Really, adding insult to injury, she, unlike most people, could easily afford a chauffeur.) She also appeared in court with a disregard for the judge and no apparent recognition that she had done anything wrong, and when called back to court just didn’t go. Frankly, if this were anyone else, they would be lucky not to be facing the full ninety days in jail. If you can provide comparable case studies where people behaved the same way and were given a very limited sentence of home arrest, I will gladly change my mind.

    Also, and feel free to claim that this is an anti-upper-class remark, but house arrest at Paris’s home is not punishment, it is a vacation. If that’s the sort of punishment driving drunk in L.A. gets you, point me to the right highway and hand me a six-pack.

  4. No One Says:

    Actually I think your mistaken. The sheriff stated that in giving her house arrest it was the same sentence that most if not all people got for this crime.
    I don’t have much sympathy for Paris Hilton, but thw only reason she is back in jail is because she is famous and the judge wants to make a name for himself. You or I would be out jail and under house arrest. Maybe she shoud be under house arrest in one of our houses Would that make it more acceptable?

  5. Zack Says:

    I could very well be, and if so I don’t believe she should be treated worse for being a celebrity either. I do imagine most people given house arrest are better about metting their commitments and court dates, though.
    As for the idea to put her under house arrest at one of our houses, it could work (I don’t think I’d like to spend forty days locked in here), but it sounds so much like “The Simple Life.”

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