A Return to Rambling

With my little spiel about prosper.com done, I am looking forward to a few days of easier posts. Like today’s! Not a lot in the way of big news around here, but here’s what I can say.

My father’s wonderful fiance has gotten her visa (a long overdue congrats!) and will be flying in tomorrow (Tuesday).

I finally convinced Moi to invest some money. She is working towards a head start on her student loans. I think the $25 introductory offer at Prosper was what got her to do it, though. She doesn’t usually listen to me unless she smells money.

I realized that the Baur Fund will involve, ultimately, a rather large and embarrassing deposit envelope at the bank. I have $33 dollars so far, which makes for a pretty big wad. I plan on writing a more detailed description of the Baur Fund concept soon.

Now then, I hope to get to sleep early tonight. I am going tomorrow to look at another house where I might be doing lawn work so that I can give them a price. If I am not careful I might actually make some money.

Get some sleep!


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