Well, So Much For Sleeping

Because I am jittery like crazy now, all nerves. Why? I got pulled over! And, as with the previous two times I’ve had to deal with Bloomfield’s finest, it has been for an odd reason.

Tonight, I came to a stop light where all the lights were blinking red, and a cop had stopped in the other lane. He arrived first, so I meant to let him go, but he didn’t. So at last I went. He turned out of the wrong lane to follow me (I should note, I always think cops are following me), so I was very careful to drive under the speed limit. I made sure I had my seat-belt on (I did). And then I saw flashing lights. So I pulled over, turned off the car, pulled out my licence, and rolled down my window.

There was a sharp tap on my passenger window, which on top of the usual cop nervousness made me jump out of my skin. Luckily, it turned out that I only had a burnt out headlight, so I got a warning and the problem is easily fixed. That said, I’m still sort of shaking so, no sleep for me. Yet.

Prior to this, my last encounter was the mysteriously broken window of my car.

However, my first encounter (and my first ticket, thanks to some rather silly laws), was issued while I was, of all things, riding in the passenger seat. Why? Because i wasn’t wearing a seat-belt. My mom, driving, was issued a ticket for not wearing hers, and another for not making me wear mine. Yay ticket day.

The moral here? Wear your seat-belt! I do now, religiously (previously I did while driving, but not as a passenger, for complex reasons, but none $80 complex). Unless, of course, you want your first ticket story to take place in the passenger seat, which I still find sort of funny.


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