Taking Care of Business

And working over time. *Unattractive dancing follows*

Anyway, today has been a busy day. I fixed my headlamp for a mere ten dollars (I was sure it would be harder/more expensive). I helped Moi and her father finish demolishing their basement. (Over the past few days we have yanked up the carpet, pulled down the walls and the ceiling tiles, and pulled out the wall framing to fix it up.) And tonight we three walked a solid four miles through the cool night air.

My point, in all of this, is that I’ve been really busy today, and not just busy, but active. I’m sore. I’ve never used a crow-bar before, and now I’ve used it to disassemble a wall. And I am in a great mood. All of which led me today to an interesting conclusion.

I like getting exercise, but I don’t like to do exercise.

That is, the exercise that involves treadmills and stationary bikes and free weights. I’d rather get a workout accomplishing something. This is something of a problem, since i never started four years (with my major change, maybe five) of college to become a handyman or farm laborer.  So I am, left wondering how, when Moi’s house is finished being rebuilt and the compost doesn’t need to be turned I will find ways to keep active. I am especially concerned about this coming school year, where, aside from walking a lot daily, I don’t get much in the way of strength training.

For now at least, I can count on walks every night after dinner to help my full stomach feel settled. As for the future, I will have to keep my eyes peeled.


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