It’s Been Said Before

But I will say it again. In life, one needs to go after one’s dreams and take no excuses!

It’s on my mind because I have so many unfinished projects which are almost done, but I keep putting them off for… I don’t know why. Other people maybe. Regardless, I’m putting the list here to ensure it gets done in the next few days.

  • Place ads on craigslist for clock, chairs, scanner, skateboard, metal detector, hubcaps, end tables, baker’s rack, and anything else I can find.
  • Finish my current project for Rhodes.
  • Pick up the shipping crates on the side of the road (which will make great planter boxes, I am sure).

Well, there you have it.  My little dreams I am going after. If it seems small, that’s because, well, it is, but who cares.

Oh, and on the subject of little goals, my total net worth is nearly two grand, so I am doing pretty well on that resolution. With that happy thought, goodnight!


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