Split Seconds That Change Everything

It’s funny how learning a new piece of knowledge, even something really small, can in one second change everything.

Moi found out today that her weight has grown some. Now, it bears noting that this is because she has put on a good amount of muscle, and is actually more trim then she was a few months ago. As far as that goes, however, it’s worth noting that she couldn’t have felt physically any different immediately before and after stepping on the scale. her body did not change, nor her proportions. She didn’t suddenly swell in the thighs when she saw her weight.

And yet, she immediately felt fat.

I don’t want to sound like I am too good or too smart to not fall for the same thing. it happens to everyone. When I logged in write this post, I checked my blog stats and was surprised to find the line showing my stats for the last thirty days had gone from it’s typical up and down ranging to a flat line, with a single spike at the end. Until, that is, i realized what that meant.

Sens-dep had 98 unique visitors yesterday.

I have had, all told, a pretty crummy day, although I can’t put my finger on why. For the most part, I feel like it has been internal problems. The site’s success, however, instantly brightened my mood. Wow. The realization that all of that traffic came in through wordpress and technorati because of the craigslist’s worst post yesterday was only able to slightly smudge my good mood.

I realize, though, that I am just observing life and not really commenting, so I will leave you with the heartfelt wish that your next split second mood changer is for the better.  I will also say this to all those who may be lured here by the craiglist’s worst tag: I hope you have a look around and realize there is some interesting and perhaps useful stuff here besides craigslist’s worst… but also that I am looking for more sleazy posts to share with you.

Thank you and goodnight!


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