Productivity: The Ultimate Pick-Me-Up?

Well, perhaps more so for me then some people, but it does feel good to get stuff done. Yesterday we put up half the ceiling in Moi’s basement, having completed all the demolition we are doing.

Today and yesterday have been crazy with respect to Rhodes work. I’ve logged nine hours the past two days, which doesn’t sound like much, but half an hour or an hour every few days is the norm. Needless to say, I am a little sick of graphic design work (and especially sick of printers who use CMYK, stupid “out-of-gamut” colors). Still, I am happy to mark it off my list of things to do. The $90 isn’t bad either.

Tomorrow Moi goes to work at her camp, which I wish her all the best luck with. I couldn’t manage little kids for eight hours a day, but then again, that is why she makes more money then me. Ah well, she usually likes the little devils anyway.

The extra time during the day (aside from being a little lonely, perhaps) should be put to good use, since I have lots more still to do. Craigslist ads are absolutely going up tomorrow. I want those things SOLD and out of my room. Speaking of which, getting that cleaned up will again be a top priority. I am pretty happy with how it is going, though i can’t really argue when people say it is dirtier now then before. In my defense, it’s always darkest before the dawn, and I’ve been making a mess getting rid of a lot of stuff, so that there will be space for the things I keep.

I’m running low of time and subject matter, so I’ll cut myself off here. Moi and I are meeting up with old friends tonight to catch up. Hopefully I’ll find time tonight too for that side project. Last night was productive and I’d like to keep moving.

Hopefully more later, but if not, tomorrow. I feel something not related to my life coming on, so stay tuned for some good ole philosophizing. (Holy cow, I spelled that right on the first try.)


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