On Customer Service

Maybe it’s that I was woken up at eight am by violent hammering on the wall next to my head. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve been listening to a team of handymen take apart the wall. Or maybe it’s even that, as I type, one of them banged on the window so hard it knocked things over in the kitchen. Heck, I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s because the only reason they are painting all the houses in the neighborhood for the second time in three years is because the same company screwed up the job last time, and the housing board hired them again.

Whatever the cause, I am rather disappointed in the state of customer service right now.

It seems like the whole problem is that no one is held accountable. I’ve tried. I religiously chose Brooks over CVS because they consistently offered better service. That didn’t stop them from closing. I’m worried the same will happen with Geislers, which recently opened in competition with Stop & Shop.  Allow me to explain the difference, and why it will probably cost Geislers it’s future.

Geislers still operates as if it is a small town business. Sales are sales, which is to say there are no special cards or memberships. The shelves are well stocked, and there is a cashier and a bagger at every aisle. There is rarely a line longer then one person. I can’t say whether or not the owners of the store genuinely care about the customers – I will say that I have felt cared for that way more so at other, local establishments. But they do seem to care deeply about customer service and ensuring that customers don’t have a bad experience.

Stop & Shop’s main advantage is a slightly larger selection. They not only no longer hire baggers, but are actively phasing out cashiers, leaving that job to the customer. I mean, honestly? The worst part for me is that there isn’t even any sort of discount for doing their work, work that is figured into the price of goods. On top of that, sales are tied to Stop & Shop cards, which are nothing more then a way for the store to track your personal spending habits.

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to shop at the first type of store. I think Americans are getting exactly what they want, slightly lower prices at the cost of customer service and quality. But I also believe that we can force the market to give us something better if we only do our best to hold companies accountable.

I am going to go get something to eat from a local corner store I haven’t visited in too long. It’s my way of reminding them that the service they provide is important. I hope you’ll consider doing the same.


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