As I sit here, munching on my caramel cone ice cream, i can’t help but look back on the day and feel things have gone pretty well.

The pair of red leather chairs I posted to craigslist on my mom and I’s behalf? They’ve caused a small bidding war.

That pitchfork? Got it. And you know what? I feel damn silly carrying it too. But I don’t care, because it worked wonderfully for turning over the compost. And that compost? Oh heck yeah it’s rich and brown and smelling a little more like dirt and less like mold.

I finished reading the Omnivore’s Dilemma, and it was great. The final paragraph is a piece of art.

Tomorrow morning, I’m headed to the coast to perform that work of alchemy that takes pale skin and sun and creates (dramatic pause) tan skin.

Oh, and I am genuinely excited that my next computer will be a big ass table.


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