I just got back from watching the dateline special with Princes William and Henry. I watched it with Moi, which was entertaining, as she kept trying to rationalize her romanticism towards them as they’ve gotten rather… well… more British then she would like. No offense meant to anyone, of course.

I can’t blame her though. There is something romantic about royalty that is hard to quantify. Obviously, there’s a fair chance this attitude is so prevalent in America because we don’t have any of our own; throughout history, there are many examples of people with royalty who were less then satisfied.

Still, I was impressed. Their expensive educations seem to have taken, and they both seem to be, well, cool guys. I was especially impressed by Henry’s strong desire to see through his commitment to his fellow soldiers and serve in Iraq, which I think shows great character.

Of course, this leads me to wonder, would we be better off? Comparing William or even Henry to Bush, I have to say I’d go British. Still, I wont go so far as to endorse the notion of reestablishing a royal family. They could be just as bad as Bush anyway, right? At least he will be gone in two years.

That said, Moi is still happy to marry you Henry, if you like. So if you don’t mind sharing her, get in touch!


One Response to “Princes”

  1. Moi Says:

    Woo hoo! Queen Cyndi of the Brits! Uhm, sorry. I’m really not this crazed. I just look cute in a tiara.

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