Art Student Woes

They say without angst, there is no art. I have the t-shirt to prove it.

For those who remember, I believe I mentioned that, in addition to applying to Columbia for transfer, I also applied to the School of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut (my current home). I hope too that I didn’t fail to mention that I made it in.

A few weeks ago,  I received a packet of information which included a recommended course of study. Naturally, because most people at UCONN enter the arts program as freshmen, the recommended course is four years. Well, I’ve been looking it over and, because I managed to pack a not insignificant number of my gen-eds into the first year, I had hoped I would be able to still manage to graduate in 2010. Well, tonight I began drawing out a more detailed course of study, and the results are not promising. The average number of studio classes per semester is three (nine credits), but several semesters I would be taking five. Worse, being a photography concentration, each class involves many more hours of work in the darkroom and taking pictures then one actually spends in class. In short, it’s not realistic to think I can take that many.

So, I may be looking at four more years instead of three. Am I heartbroken? Well, yes and no. Yes because it means more debt leaving school, one more year of being confined to classes (although I suspect I may be better at that then I am at working), and not graduating with my current peers. Still, taking an extra year would not mean more classes, but fewer, leaving me a few options, all pretty enticing. One is working more, which helps to counteract the extra debt. Another is to minor in something, which I am even more excited about. A few non-studio classes to balance all that art would be good for me, I think, and keep me interested. To everyone’s disappointment, Philosophy (er, even-worse-unemployment-then-art) tops my short list. If I take some summer classes, it might even be possible to do both of those.

Still, I haven’t yet checked on the details of my schedule. I need to track down things like prerequisite conflicts, scheduling conflicts, etc, and learn what is really feasible. I have to be able to do this in four years, but exactly how it will work out is not clear yet.

In the meantime, I’m not worrying too much about it. I have a bunch of new years resolutions and other projects left to do, so I will be busy busy tomorrow and all the days after!

On a related note, Moi starts her first day of real work (I.E. not training) at the camp tomorrow. I wish her all the luck and a big hug!


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