More Irons Go In The Fire

I’ve heard it said that the key to financial health (and wealth) is to keep multiple streams of income, especially residual income, flowing into your life. However you accomplish it, the idea is to have money coming in from multiple sources which need as little tending as possible so that the ups and downs of one job can’t completely destroy you financially.

Well, not many of my income sources are low maintenance (my Prosper account, which has so far garnered $7.10 in interest, not withstanding), but I sure do keep piling them up. I have a check on the way from Rhodes Group (where I do graphic design work) for $180 that I am psyched about. The mowing job is still putting along, as are three more potential jobs in the same field, the best one topping out at $15/hour, and $210 a week. Finger’s crossed. I’m still working on selling my unwanted items (and some of my mom’s unwanted stuff too) on Craigslist, which is hardly renewable, but effective. And of course, there is always this site – ha ha –  and a money making scheme my father thought up last winter.

All together, I realized tonight, and assuming everything works as well as expected, I might clear $3,000 in addition to my current savings. For anyone new, you should realize, my new years resolution was to have a bank balance over approximately $2,100 total by my birthday next January.

I will grant you, this is an extremely hopeful prediction and one I wont count on, but I will say this: For as tiring as juggling all these sources of income can be, it’s pretty exciting to think that they might add up into something quite nice.


One Response to “More Irons Go In The Fire”

  1. nicavita Says:

    Thanks for your honesty and encouragement.. I like your simple approach:-)

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