CRAIGSLIST’S WORST Investigates: “Can you fix them? – $1”

I realized today that I had forgotten to post anything last night (eek), so today, when an interesting ad came up on Craigslist, I felt compelled to go a step further then usual for you guys, and learned that sometimes I really need to bite my tongue. But I am getting ahead of myself. First, the ad, which, alone, is not so strange.

I am looking for someone to tune up 2 leaf blowers.
1 is a hand held craftsman that I can’t start.
1 is a echo back pack blower that starts but doesn’t run to its full patentual.
I am willing to do whatever you want to get at least 1 running correct.
I will mow your lawn, clean, give you a massage, whatever it takes to get them fixed.
email me soon. thanks.

Now, as I said, alone this is not so strange. But I noticed something here that has been bugging me about Craigslist. Why does every person in the whole world know how to give bartering-worthy massages? So I bit the bullet and asked.


I’m not sure I can help with the leaf blowers but I had a question about your
ad. It seems like everyone on craigslist can give massages worthy of being
bartered. Is massaging a big hobby these days or is it slang for something


Now, I’m sure some of you see where this is going, but don’t jump ahead yet. Honestly, I was expecting an angry e-mail from a Hartford area masseus (pillar of the community and what not), or maybe even nothing at all. Insted, in under ten minutes…


Perhaps needless to say, the guy (yes, I’m sure it’s a guy, from the e-mail, which I am not releasing out of kindness) seems to have misunderstood my intent. So, call me rude, but I did the only thing I could. I responded one more time, and I think my response sums up my reaction to the whole thing.

I’m sorry I asked.


One Response to “CRAIGSLIST’S WORST Investigates: “Can you fix them? – $1””

  1. No One Says:

    ok that was clasic

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