Resolution Round-up

For anyone who has forgotten, or maybe just never seen them, my New Years Resolutions, or, “Stuff I Should Do Before I Turn Twenty.”

1. Complete a working portfolio (photography, probably, but perhaps other graphic arts work too)
2. Organize writing collection (old fiction, etc)
3. Save at least an additional $1000
4. Get into Columbia University
5. Keep an up-to-date resume
6. Revive City of Shalom
7. Have at least one salad per week (hey, it’s a start)

Now then, lets see, approximately halfway through the year as we are, how I’ve done.

1. Complete a working portfolio (photography, probably, but perhaps other graphic arts work too). Well, depending on how one defines working, then yes! I say this because I have my application to the School of Fine Arts, which is good, but not great. So it’s there, but needs improvement. Also, I started yesterday on an on-line portfolio over at City of Shalom. Not that you can see it. Yet.
2. Organize writing collection (old fiction, etc). Actually, yeah, this too is about done. As part of sorting through the nineteen years worth of stuff in my room, I set about filing all my writing, and aside from a few pieces that keep showing up in old binders, notebooks, and the like, I have done that.
3. Save at least an additional $1000. So far so good. My bank account has slowly crept up from about $1,100 (where I started) to $1,300, but this doesn’t take into account $40 in refunds, about$140 from mowing lawns, and $180 from Rhodes I need to deposit. Tally that up and I’m not doing terribly.
4. Get into Columbia University. I should frame this by mentioning that I added this so that I would absolutely finish my transfer application in time (which I did). My girlfriend (Moi) and some good friends I’ve made through her plus the obviously stunning academic program and access to opportunities in NYC would be my reasons for applying. Just in case you were curious. I’m on the waiting list, but… Well, I’ve been there before, and I needed to apply again.
5. Keep an up-to-date resume. Well, this is another yes and no. I say no because I don’t have anything much I’d like to show someone. But I say yes because I do have nearly ready resumes for both normal jobs and art/photography related ones. Unfortunately they’re both just fairly empty. But I will soon have contacts!
6. Revive City of Shalom. Yes! Well, started too. Strictly speaking I don’t have any objective way to measure how revived it is. Which makes this a bad resolution. Still, here goes. If we mean make functional, then I have started as such, blocking off non-functioning pages and rebuilding them in a way that makes sense to the people who are/may be using them. If we mean getting said people (a collection of friends and family) to actually work, then, well, that is an uphill battle. And if we are ambitious and mean make CoS popular, well, then it should be vive, not revive, because it was never popular to begin with. So draw your own conclusions. I feel good about it anyway.
7. Have at least one salad per week (hey, it’s a start). Yeah, it would be a start if I did it. Short of eating salad solid, three meals a day, for the month of december, i don’t see it happening. I try?

Wow, looking back and doing a quick tally, that’s a nearly complete on six of the seven, with the seventh being hilariously unlikely from the start! All in all not bad. I need to polish a lot of them, obviously, but I almost feel like I might need to add a few things.




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