Now, I know that it’s a smoke-and-mirrors sort of effect, not the fully realistic holograms of start-trek style sci-fi, but wow. That is impressive. I think the really cool idea here, though, is that artificial people might not be so far off. I mean, as it is, Gorillaz is an artificial band made up of cartoon characters (yes, there are real people behind them, but do you know who they are? Do you care?). I love them anyway. So is that the way of the future? I have to admit, I’d sort of like being a celebrity if there was an animated front-man to take all the attention for me.

This is also pretty cool (albeit weird, but aren’t all fashion shows? I’ve never understood it). Enjoy!

Oh, and a quick BoingBoing roundup: This is stupid, this is cool, and these two things just make me mad.


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