A Good Day Indeed

All right, all right, it could have been a little more productive, sure, but still I count myself as pretty lucky today.

First, on the foraging front, I found wild carrots near home. I came across the picture in the my guide, thought “I know I’ve seen that,” and sure enough I had. It’s really too early in the year for food from carrots but the find was exciting. More modern alchemy.

More importantly, though, I was able to, today, take in my largest deposit to my savings account ever. $520. Now, I know this doesn’t necessarily seem like a lot, but it puts me much closer to my resolution goal. I’m excited, too, because a big chunk ($170) is going onto prosper and towards paying off student loans in three or four years.

However, work never stops. Tomorrow there’s money to be made (at least a small sum of it), so I’m getting to sleep. Goodnight!


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