I was thinking today, as T-Bone patiently waited, like he does every day, for me to finish my morning business before letting him out to do his. We’ve been in this reutine every weekday since I came home for the summer.

I’m never sure why, but there seems to be something about pets that makes the thought of losing them difficult. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like it could be worse then losing a person even. The book I’m reading right now (Stumbling on Hapiness) talks about how big things can trigger psychological defenses against grief, while little things can’t; this is why we can rationalize something like cancer as being a positive experience, but stubbing your toe just hurts.  Maybe this is why.

Or maybe it’s just that with a pet, time together is all you have. You can’t call on the phone. You could pray, I suppose, or in some other way communicate with the departed pet, but really, all you get is the playing, the petting, and the looking over at them while they sleep and giggling.

Either way, I was wodnering this morning why he had to hold it and I didn’t. If he were gone tomorrow, well, I’d feel bad.

So my little rant for today about niceness is just this: You don’t have to do a lot. But if an opprotunity comes up to do something quick that will make another living thing feel better, then do it. I promise it will feel good and not cost you anything.

Thats all from the soapbox today. Lighter fare later!


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