Thanking The Sky For Rain

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about people who decided to try to go back to a more natural way of eating, both for their personal betterment and to opt out of the huge, oil-fed industrial food chain. The Omnivore’s Dilemma is one I recommend. the No Impact Man blog is another. I suspect, too, that Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver, which I just started reading yesterday, will get my recommendation too. This summer in good part because of these people’s writing, I’ve been trying to do the same thing for myself. The garden is one step in that. Abstaining from junk food has been another (and a successful one; previously, we went to Burger King twice a week or so, but this entire summer I have only gone twice). Still, I’ve wondered from time to time if I’m capable of taking it as far as I want.

It’s hard to, in our world, after all.  Kingsolver writes beautifully in the first chapter about the amazing levels of ignorance in America about food. A lot of people don’t know that vegetables and fruits grow out of the dirt. Many can’t imagine something like a potato or a peanut being connected to a plant. She recounts how, as she and her family were leaving Tuscon to move to Virginia (where they could eat locally), the cashier at the local gas station hoped it wouldn’t rain  – despite being in a desert going through a draught – because she wanted to wash her car that day.

I freely admit, I don’t know much about the local growing seasons. I’m not sure which veggies to expect at a farmer’s market (or even where the farmer’s market is)this time of year, or even what veggies are able to be grown locally. I was starting to feel ignorant, and it made me really sad.

Until last night. For the past week, the weather has been sweltering. Despite the humidity, it’s been too hot for the plants, and definitely too hot for us. Bust last night it rained, and Moi and I ran out and danced in it. We were happy for us, for our plants, and for the land.

There’s hope for us yet.


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