Busy Friday

Well, said goodbye to Moi this morning as she flew off to visit her college buddy Kathryn (Hey Kat! If you want a nickname, let me know. ~.^ ). Of course, I miss her already.

Yesterday was an odd day. I signed up at Survey Spot a couple weeks ago, and so far the returns have been modest.  I’m sticking to paid surveys only after a previous bad experience with a point based site. Three dollars here and there. Yesterday, I was invited to, qualified for, and finished five surveys. $18 in a little over an hour sounds good to me.

Today has been less productive. My $520 really big deposit finally cleared at the bank, and I can gladly report that I have about $1,960 between savings and checking. It feels really good being so close to me goal, but I’m not done yet. In about four days, $170 will leave to go to Prosper, where the additional loans will not only make me more money per year but help speed up the rate that the money comes back in to be reinvested.

Luckily, the deficit should be short lived. I’m cashing in a pair of savings bonds from my childhood (one a gift, the larger a prize) which currently have a value of about $220. Don’t worry, that will go to Prosper too. I am just hoping to improve on the %4.00 interest rate.

Finally, about the site: I may be close to finding something I feel confident enough about to set at the point or goal of the site. I want to because it seems like a big step in moving from a personal blog to something I can attract more readers to. I wonder if I should consider a name change to match. Honestly, I don’t even know how I could get a paper copy of all the posts I’ve made so far.

Well, as long as there’s something to learn, there’s a reason to keep working at it. More to come!


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