Yesterday And Tomorrow

If anyone is wondering what happened to yesterday’s post, the answer is, I took it down because some of the things I said may have been offensive to some people. The problem of balancing friends’ feelings with writing honesty is an important one, but not one I feel like covering today.

No, instead, I am thinking back to a post a few days ago in which I announced that I might tack on a new resolution for this year. I may have found just that, and it is a doozy. But first, a story of a close friend who is my inspiration.

A year or two ago, we were talking about my family’s hunting, which she couldn’t understand morally. Blame Bambi if you will, but she held a deep conviction that what I was doing was wrong. However, I knew her for the carnivore she was, and in a fit of anger challenged her to put up or shut up. I told her she was just as culpable in the death of countless cows for her steaks and her hamburgers as I was in the death of a deer, and worse, the animals she ate often lived under terrible conditions.

To my amazement, she calmly agreed, and promptly took up vegetarianism. Well.

Lately, my reading and my mind has been focused on where my food comes from, and while I’m still OK with that where being the hindquarters of a cow or pig, I’m not so sure that I am okay with that animal and it’s hindquarters growing up on a factory farm. Ultimately, it’s not the number of lives I had accused my friend of taking that came around to bite me, but the squalor I had revealed to her. In short, I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t time or me to put up or shut up as well.

Now, this wouldn’t technically mean vegetarianism. There are, today more then ever, humane and local options which, by all accounts, are tastier, more nutritious, and better for the environment and community then factory farm raised animals. However, swearing off meat from sources unknown at school is practically vegetarianism, and making such a commitment also means inevitably imposing it on people around me.

Which is why I haven’t said so yet. But I am close. After all, we must be the change we wish to see in the world, right?


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