…is me! Whatever shall I do with the shambles of my life? Ha ha, only kidding. I know, I know, it’s not that funny, but three separate people have asked me in the past few days, “I was reading your blog and… are you depressed?” I suppose I can see why they might think so, and I may have to consider doing it again – it’s made for a bump in traffic I can’t quite account for.

So, big news. The peas are out, their withering stems plucked from the earth. I was impressed by them – they grew fast, tall, and were fun to grow – but they will not be taking quite such a big role in the garden next year.  In fact, they will probably move to the fence, which I think they will be just as happy about. A tall trellis, good sun, and space seem to be their three favorite things.

In their place, we’ll be putting down a bunch of green beans. They should mature just about a week after I go off to college. C’est la vie. As far as that goes, the plants shoot up and quickly grow to bear fruit, so I’m happy. In fact, our current crop is so laden with beans that they are toppling over into the carrots, causing something of a hilariously slow turf war. The pea trellises have been retasked as peacekeeping forces.

Plans are brewing for next year, in my head, but for now they need to stay there. And that is just about all the news I have for today.

I hope my dear loved ones can give it a rest now.


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