ROFL. No, seriously, ROFL.

Sorry, but some things just call for a good dose of internet speak. You may remember my story about How I Beat A Craigslist Scammer (And Still Might Beat Him Worse). As a follow up to that, I present the most heavy handed and awkward attempt at backpedaling I have ever seen. No, seriously, I almost feel bad for the guy. Except not.

Hello Zack am very sorry for the delay i just wanna ask if you still have the Two Red Leather Armless Chairs w/ OttomanĀ  for sale course i have been on work out of the state for some time and my secetary died so that why she was not able to make the payment you can see what have gone through and everthing but i just wanna know if you still have it so i can issue the payment for you next week kindly get back as soon asps so we can proceed from there.have a lovely day..
Mr Alex.

Hmm. I really feel like I should start using “as soon asps” in business e-mails. That said, thank you Mr. Alex, I am having a very nice day.


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