Palahniuk Doing It Again

I’m sure the reading world at large has mixed feelings about Chuck Palahniuk‘s work. No doubt, many people feel the same way about him as my mother does; they see him as going for the cheap gross out and so wasting his talent.

Me, I can’t get enough of the guy.

He’s probably best known for Fight Club, which is ironic, since I think it’s his only novel I haven’t read. His “cheap” plots, for me, fall into the wonderful space between reality and fantasy, leaving you to feel both out of your element and suspicious that maybe, just maybe, it’s a true story.

Honestly, it’s not healthy for me to read his work. When I wrote fiction a lot, I would start to write like him. I start to think in the style of language he uses.

Right now, I’m reading Rant, his newest book, and it’s so good, I’m going back to it. Chao!


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