And I’m Off!

Well, tomorrow morning I set off for Vegas. I finally figured out what is bothering me. I am many things, but a Vegas sort of person is probably not one of them. The noise, the lights, the people – they got on my nerves after a while the first time I went (shortly before starting this blog). To make matters worse, that time, the weather conditions were so bad trying to come back that we were delayed for a few days, and only avoided longer delays at great expense. Still, by the last day there, we had to drive out to the mountains to avoid going crazy. Turns out, Vegas has nice scenery too.

As to why my father decided to go back, I don’t know. As for me, I realized, I’m still a bit sick of the sound of slot machines everywhere one goes.

That said, it should still be a good time. Also, Moi has apparently taken up the challenge of guest writing. I’d look for that tomorrow, because Friday night she is due to be at some happening party. As to the subject, your guess is as good as mine.

Enjoy, and regularly scheduled service will return on Saturday with a recap of my trip.

Now then, since I have to be up in four hours, goodnight! Get some sleep!


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