One Last Time…

(Hey everyone! As promised, while I am in Vegas, a guest blogger will write in my stead. For this trip, that will be none other then Moi. Enjoy!)

Tomorrow, Zack will be back updating you guys on his trip. I hear there was a very sweet ceremony today, and a good time was had by all.

More optimistic post today. My current expertise: Children.

I always find it funny when people express amazement at the fact that I work with kids forty hours a week, because to me, usually the working with kids part is the easy part of my job. Yes, they are bratty and no, they never listen to you, but they’re kids. They laugh at skinned knees and need band-aids for bug bites, but even the hardest fall is a fun experience for them. The only part of my job that isn’t pleasant is working with adults sometimes.

You can distract kids when they are making too big of a deal out of something… Try doing that with adults. It doesn’t work. Sometimes, you have to wonder why adults care so much more about a skinned knee than a seven-year-old. I work at an outdoor/environmental camp, and it is refreshing to see that in a world where video games and television sets rule every household, there are still kids who enjoy running around and playing outside. They are so carefree and talking to them, no matter how annoying the conversation, is a reminder of how little is really that important in life. All that they care about are funny stories and having a laugh. Yes, sometimes they laugh at the expense of each other, but if you make them apologize, they actually accept apologies and will play together minutes later. Forgive and forget is an important lesson that even some adults need to learn. No question is too silly of a question, and in asking some of the silliest questions, they really learn a lot. They have no inhibitions. They have no deep, underlying problems. They have little judgment. It’s not hard work to spend the day playing games with them and doing activities with them, no matter how little they listen to you because they remind you of everything that is great about life. Their smile at the end of the day and the hug that they give you in the morning when you see them is the best feeling in the world.

That’s my bit of optimism for today. Spend a day with kids and enjoy yourself and forget about the day’s stressfulness. 🙂


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