Vegas, Baby

Well, I am back, and the lack of a post yesterday had nothing to do with needing to pawn my computer for money. I was just tired. In all honesty, I’m not old enough to lose a fortune in Vegas, so long as I avoid the $3 vending machines.

I thought I’d write a bit about the city, while it’s fresh in my mind, but I don’t quite no where to start.  For the most part, the city seems to be, well, exactly what you expect it to be. A ton of light and sound, everywhere and at all times of day. Lots of people. A desert. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic when I say it’s not my thing, but, like I said, I’m young enough that ninety percent of the “fun stuff” to do is illegal, even in Vegas.

The strange part for me is how rapidly the stereotypical Vegas disappears as you move away from the strip. In around two blocks, I feel very much like I’m in Phoenix. I suppose it should be so surprising that the myriad bartenders and card dealers who work at the casinos actually have homes, and actually need to occasionally buy groceries and do dry cleaning and, you know, not work in a casino. Still, it’s hard not to assume that. For that matter, I find it hard to imagine the existence of people who live there but don’t actually work on the strip. It seems unnatural.

I don’t have a lot else to say. I am happy to be home. At least for now, the beach (which I visited today) is a lot more fun then a gaming floor. My father’s wedding was nice, and the new couple seems happy (or at least they are good at pretending, right Dougie?). Finally, I am very grateful to Moi for keeping a hold on things while I was gone, and I am happy to be back with her again.

Goodnight everyone.


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