Well, i had something else planned for tonight, but I have to rant a little. I know that “news” today is usually just a way of turning the boring world we live in into a dramatic, action-packed horror movie. Tonight, however, the local news took it a bit too far.

A woman (I believe in Texas, if anyone has a link to the story please post it) was beaten and burned to death. The authorities believe her current boyfriend, who has a violent criminal history, is to blame. Without a doubt, this is a tragedy, and my condolences go out to the victim’s family.

However, that is hardly reason for the news to plug sites which allow anyone (though the report only mentioned women, thanks Fox for being “fair and balanced” as usual) to do background checks on potential boyfriends, searching their criminal records, bankruptcies, and more. Do I really have to spell out why this is wrong? Does no one remember the word “privacy?” And when did criminal records and bankruptcies become public record?

The sites are here (for the records), and here (where women can go on and warn women to stay away from their exs).

Even ignoring the obvious fact that most people don’t like their exs (if they did, wouldn’t they probably still be with them?), these sites are disgusting. Women, for the record, running a background check on me is a good way to get me to never speak to you again. Putting my word as inferior to the word of a website and especially to the word of some anonymous user shows me that you never trust me and never will. All of this doesn’t mean you wont go through life getting assaulted, raped, or murdered. A woman at Columbia University was raped and tortured for 19 hours in her own home before being set afire and left for dead by a man she had never seen before. My point is this: sometimes, you can’t control these things. But you can control how meaningful your relationships with people are. Starting any relationship, be it friendly or romantic, with a background check or a credit score, shows that your head is in the wrong place.  I want nothing to do with you, and I don’t think I’m the only one. Ask meaningful questions and listen to the answers if you want to know who we are as people. Otherwise, go live alone in your apartment.

Some days, I really hate the internet.


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