Gadget Goodies

I suppose everyone has them, and some people worse then others; those little things that can just ruin your best laid financial plans. For me, those are often gadgets, and more often ones I don’t need.

Today, I shot myself int he foot, money saving wise. In my defense, it wasn’t entirely consumerism. I have lofty motives.

The two things I broke down and bought are as follows:

  •  A Solar Cell Phone Charger, from Silicon Solar Inc. It’s a very small solar cell that has plugs for your cell phone.
  • A Educational Wind Turbine Kit, from Wind Stuff Now (run by a man named Ed Lenz), which doesn’t exactly kick out a ton of juice, but should help me get acquainted with the construction process.

So, why don’t I feel awful for indulging here? In both cases, I am reminded of something my mom said about my paternal grandparents and being ecologically friendly. “Maybe they couldn’t always do a lot, but they did what they could.” To me, that seems like a good attitude to take.

My cell phone, after my laptop and television, is the biggest power hog. It’s also the easiest to switch to free, renewable energy. Not bad.

The wind turbine kit I got because the idea of a do it yourself power solution has been on my mind. I’d love to tackle those two bigger power hogs, but at present, I have almost no construction knowledge and definitely no electrician knowledge. So, I view this kit as a first step towards a time when I can do something, even if it’s not much.

The financial downside: With shipping, the two gadgets set me back about $75, and I still have to go get a drill set for my  power screwdriver. Luckily, I was probably going to need that for another household project soon anyway, so, I’ll get twice the value for the same price. Sort of.

Now then, I need to go work eight hours to pay for my little splurge and get back on track for my saving resolution.


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